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Entanda Cultural Site-Uganda Cultural Experience

//Entanda Cultural Site-Uganda Cultural Experience
  • Entanda Cultural Site

Uganda Cultural Experience

Entanda Cultural Site – A man who ridicules their cultural background is a man without a story, origin, and belonging. Uganda among other things is known for her diversity of language and culture. We swell with 50+ indigenous tribes contributed to by ethnicity.

More to that, we pride in the rich endowment of cultural sites and monuments that scatter the different pockets of the country. A whopping 650 apparently are designated cultural sites and are readily accessed on a Uganda cultural tour.

Location of the Entanda Cultural Site

The famous Kasubi tombs are among the only two recognized UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. Some more 8 cultural sites such as Entanda Cultural site stand pending for approval.  At a distance of 60km away from Kampala city, Entanda cultural site stands showering a custom cultural experience to whomever visits.

Experiencing culture at Entanda

From a distance, the enchanting sound of the traditional Ganda drum hypnotizes you prompting a quick arrival. And once landed, magic breaks loose at the glance of colorful traditional performances; people dancing and twisting by the tune of the drum.

Oh, the story it tells, culture is wealth!  This royal ushering is accompanied by buffets of fresh fruits from the blessed gardens of your host. Please eat to your fill and pack if plenty.

This cultural trip undeniably exposes you to awesome discoveries.  for instance; learn how to play the ‘Sekitulege’ a traditional music instrument. It dates back about 8 centuries in the past.

Moreover, you participate in the bow & arrow shooting competitions. And further, you join a hunting expedition guided by your host. They lead you through the hills, valleys, jungles and rural homestead. of course, searching for animals to hunt.

Upon an animal sighting, they indeed help you hunt it down. However, the principal is ‘catch and release’. Entanda cultural site promotes conservation to certainly encourage animal population recovery.

There is obviously a great chance of learning about the African kitchen and definitely preparation of traditional/ staple food. Remember your boyfriend/husband/brother has gone hunting and will surely return tired and hungry. So you gotta prepare some food for him. Your ‘Senga’ does all the kitchen lessons and any other ‘female talks’.

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