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Gulu Uganda’s Most Virtuous Town | Northern Uganda | Gulu District

//Gulu Uganda’s Most Virtuous Town | Northern Uganda | Gulu District
  • Gulu Town

Where do we find Gulu Town!?

The rainy eve of the #WorldTourismDayUG19 found us preparing for the joyous voyage to Gulu town. This town is certainly located in North Uganda. And of course, it serves the duo purpose of Administration headquarters and also as commercial center of Gulu District.

Whilst our serpentine voyage, we met these patchy – hard-hitting rains. Furthermore, the voyage inspired superfluous sightseeing. Meanwhile, I had traveled with the USAGA comrades in one of the UWA buses. We spent several hours sharing experiences, and thoughts especially in our line of duty.

We stopped over at Kafu Choma Joint to certainly buy most travelers’ delicacy. That’s to say, we grabbed the gonja and roasted goat and continued journeying. Additionally, most places in Northern Uganda receive heavy rains also. Generally, a few areas flooded. And indeed when it came to Kafu bridge, there…

Do you remember the Titanic movie!? Moreover, this time you are trying out your play scene over motion water. In detail, the ravenous Nile roars below. And when the chips are down, you won’t listen to the rest of my talk. Altogether, you must employ defensive driving skills!

I evidently say that it rains like crazy even in Gulu town. The weather was chiefly rude for the time we spent there. However, travelers travel prepared. Please, do the same considering the seasons. We arrived in Gulu town in the late evening. Of course, most of the accommodation spaces had been filled to the brim. Multitudes undoubtedly flocked Gulu the entire week. Anyways, other accommodation options parade overall the town. So feel free to check them out.

Nightlife and overstay in Gulu

Nightlife found us at BJZ bar & grill. I saw comrades dancing breathless. We definitely had a good time while there. Our night was spent at Crystal hotel along Acholi road. This hotel surely has spacious rooms. Further, the staff is markedly multilingual. And by all means, exhibit explicit hospitality. Besides, the hotel environment is indeed tidy. So spend your nights at this two-star hotel during your visit to Gulu town.

Better still, for the luxurious friends, visit the Boma hotel along Eden Road and Golden Peace hotel. And also some more withheld, are readily available to serve you.

Surprisingly, Gulu town is the complex of sanity and order in Uganda. For one thing, the roads although tiny, are well marked. In addition, the zebra crossings and other road signage are respected. Law and order are beautifully matched. I personally enjoyed a great stay in Gulu town.

Where were the world Tourism celebrations held in Gulu!?

Our visit climaxed at Pecewar stadium. And undeniably our guest of honor came from the Netherlands. He admired our service chain saying, “the people of Uganda serve with a smile.” He added, “you need to transform the poor service with a smile into a superb service with a smile.” You see, great service makes the magic in travel and tourism!

Attractions found in Gulu Town

Gulu town has several tourist attractions, for instance, Aruu waterfalls, Fort Patiko, River Achwa, Amoro Hot Springs, not to mention the Guruguru hills & caves. Finally, the event wrapped up, lunch got served and the return journey commenced. However, traveling to Gulu is as sightful as the journey to the moon.

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