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Kyambura gorge: the valley of apes

//Kyambura gorge: the valley of apes
  • kyambura-gorge-the-valley-of-apes

Kyambura gorge: the valley of apes

Where is Kyambura gorge located!?

Kyambura gorge – the stunning Kyambura Gorge also called the “Valley of Apes” is located in south western Uganda. Further, in the far eastern corner of the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kyambura gorge is approximately 1 km across at its broadest point and about 100 meters deep. It also covers a total area of 156sqkm of the reserve.

This gorge is drained by River Kyambura. Furthermore, landscape hither is among the most amazing things to find in Uganda. The gorge has a throng of bio-diversity. Moreover, it comprises a large concentration of primates especially chimpanzees, other wild games as well as birds.

Does Kyambura gorge have a traditional attachment?

A legend is surely told, “That at one time the river flooded and carried away people with their property. Later, the people who stayed consequently followed the path of the river. Meanwhile, water had reduced and so they expected to find their colleagues and probably property. However, they failed to find anything and hence came back exclaiming in the local dialect; ‘kyambura.’ This indeed means; ‘i couldn’t find it’ thus the name kyambura.

Why was Kyambura gorge established!?

Kyambura game reserve chiefly came about to serve as a buffer zone. During the dry season, animals quench themselves from this gorge area.  Chimpanzees in kyambura gorge are rarely seen. However, on a lucky day, you pick a glimpse at them climbing up and down. It offers such a heavenly adventure on earth.

What does the safari experience in Kyambura gorge feel like!?

This rewarding tropical jungle markedly offers a great hiking experience. Certainly, this owes to the bewildering chances of chimpanzee encounters. The traversing river and abundant nature also fetch many people from visiting kyambura gorge. Important to realize, there’s a variety of interesting bird species in kyambura gorge for bird loves to marvel at. For instance; the falcons, blue-headed bee-eater, black and white kingfisher, flycatchers, white napped and pigeons among others.

While staying in kyambura gorge, expect a reward of a spectacular experience. The unflappability of a real jungle and the mesmerizing river beneath gives quite the revitalizing thrill when beauty waves up and above.

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