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Mubare Gorilla Family Ushers in New Born

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Mubare Gorilla Family Ushers in New Born

Who are the Mubare Gorilla Group?

Mubare Gorilla group-Uganda’s oldest gorilla family surely ushers in newborns. News took Uganda by storm when Businza a female gorilla broke loose from the labor chains yesterday. This highlight certainly was confirmed by Mr. Peter Mbwebwe. The UWA warden of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. And melodies of joy traversed Uganda. Of course, via social media and telecommunications. Moreover, this happened on the 16th of October 2019.

Mubare gorilla group is markedly remembered for pioneering gorilla tours in Uganda. For one thing, it is the first tamed gorilla group in Uganda. In addition, the Mubare gorilla family was opened in the year 1993. This obviously followed after the 2 years of the tedious habituation process. Further, the group was named after the alluring Mubare hills upon which it was first sighted.

Importantly, the good news of Bwindi’s new birth is attributed to fierce conservation efforts. A big round of thanks to UWA & their counterparts. History reckons a time when mountain gorillas were doubtlessly listed on IUCN’s Red List. IUCN indicated them as critically endangered species. However, this new birth adds to a successful conservation story of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has the highest population of Mountain gorillas. Therefore this new birth brightens the future for gorilla trekking. Besides, gorilla numbers have kept rising. For instance from 880 to 1004 individuals. Reports from the recent gorilla census in the Virunga National park indicate. Given, concerted conservation efforts the greater the population.

What is the cost of doing mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda!?

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is set to increase the price tag of our trekking ticket, effective July 2020. However, between now and then, gorilla trekking goes for just 600 US dollars. Therefore come savor our cheap Uganda gorilla trekking safaris. Finally, gorilla permit price goes generally for both Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla parks.

Why Trek the Mubare gorilla group in Uganda!?

  • Uganda chiefly hosts the largest population of mountain gorillas than elsewhere available in the world.
  • Gorilla trekking experience is generally sold cheaply in Uganda. Besides, gorilla trekking takes place in two Nationalparks. This indeed happens in Uganda only.
  • Thirdly, golden monkey habituation is consumable with gorilla trekking exclusively in Mgahinga National park.

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