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River Nile Cruises

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  • River Nile Cruises

River Nile Cruises

River Nile cruises are surely one of the best ways to explore the Ugandan holiday safari experience. Enjoy a sunset launch cruise to catch a glimpse of the falling sun. Meanwhile when listening to enchanting stories from the ancient past.

What to see at the Source of the Nile?

Whilst cruising between lake Victoria and the streaming river, the Nile; look out for the scenery around. Notably, this Nile cruise day tour surely reveals some of the world’s most alluring sceneries. These include; rare waterbirds, islands, waterfalls, unique monuments and reptiles etcetera.


Ashore stands the sculpture of Mahati Ma Gandhi, of course, the father of independent India. His ashes were indeed poured into the waters of the White Nile, regarding his death wish. Therefore tens of thousands of both local and international travelers flock this site just to take a memorable photo.

Reptile Park

Visit the Nile reptile park also found at the Source of the Nile. The snakes to see here include; cobras,  green mambas, among others. Furthermore, carry your camera or phone with a good camera to save excellent photos for memory purposes.


Important still, take a moment to walk around this area and explore its vast avian species. Thousands of migrant birds refugee in Africa annually. On the other hand, in Jinja district where we find this noteworthy site, 60 bird species browse daily for food. As you note, these include; green-backed herons, giant kingfisher, great blue turacos, African open billed stocks and rock pratincoles. Also, 40% of the birds found here are migratory species. Therefore you can tell what a birding paradise Jinja town is.


From the sides, green monkeys call to you with little grace. They are perhaps begging for a banana or an apple. And so they swing carelessly in the brunches attracting your attention and charity. Do like to respond or perhaps you dare to walk away!? We imagine they are trying to say; take a nice shot at us. We are quite a photogenic club, hey there!!!

End of your River Nile Cruises

Finally, the evening approaches and now its time to board and return to Kampala city. You are happy and in the ecstatic mood of course. Today has been well consumed in the cheap wild, for the love of nature compels us! So back to your hotel for refreshments, dinner, and preparation for tomorrow’s home flight.


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