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The Uganda Museum

//The Uganda Museum


Where is the Uganda Museum located!?

Uganda Museum – Uganda’s leading Museum is indeed positioned 5km from the Kampala city center. Additionally along plot 5 Kira road. Whilst coming from Kampala, pass via Wandegeya trading center and branch off from Mulago roundabout. Moreover, continue for the next 2km to reach the museum.

You see a large signpost that reads; ‘Uganda Museum’.A great display of Uganda’s cultural heritage awaits you. While here, you see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. Surely, the memories at the museum take you reminiscent of Uganda’s colorful past. One of its most interesting features is obviously the collection of traditional musical instruments. Certainly, these are played freely.

What is found at the Uganda Museum!?

Uganda’s oldest Museum was founded in 1908. These extraordinary collections certainly span over two million years of the history of human existence. Enjoy a rich history of African culture and treasures of Uganda. Altogether organized in one organized and serene environment.

The Museum has several sections including a traditional music section. Of course, with the traditional musical instruments and a live performance is available for the visitors. In addition, an archaeology section with parts of Stone Age and Iron Age displays tools that were used 1,000,000 years ago.

Besides, it parades an independence pavilion of science and industry. Having transport, for instance, the 7th car in Uganda. And also communication for example; the model of the 1st telephone in East Africa.

There is more to see at Uganda’s Museum!

Surprisingly, even ethnohistory which entails the things of the recent history exists here. For instance; the first printing press in Uganda. Ethnography provides visitors with a touch of cultures and peoples’ way of life. Paleaolontology with the fossils aged about 20,000,000 years ago.

Discover the distinct species of mammals. These include; the Long-horned buffalo and the Indian Elephant outside the Museum. Also known as the Living Museum.

A cultural village that exhibits the way of life of Ugandans. All in all, it represents the whole country. Book a Uganda cultural Safari with us today, for an African culture experience as unseen elsewhere.

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