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Uganda’s Enigmatic Water Falls

//Uganda’s Enigmatic Water Falls
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Uganda’s Enigmatic Water Falls

What is a waterfall?

Uganda’s enigmatic waterfalls – Water Falls particularly refer to areas where water flows down a verticle / steep drop or cliff. Uganda has several waterfalls in her hills and valleys. Fortunately, we unveil a good number of them in this write-up.

Geography of a waterfall.

Waterfalls chiefly form from river erosion. They markedly form in the upper course of the river. Waters form in areas banded with both soft and hard rocks.

Certainly, the river erodes the soft rocks more quickly than the hard rocks. However, the hard rocks are left overhanging and later collapse under their weight. Further, these fallen rocks canon into the plunge pool. Surprisingly, they swirl around the plunge pool causing more erosion.

Gradually, this process sustains and the river flows upstream. Finally, a steep-sided gorge forms while the waterfall retreats.

Uganda’s Enigmatic Waterfalls

Murchison Falls


Murchison falls are undeniably found in the Bunyoro region. They somewhat also cover parts of northern Uganda. The major access route is surely the Kampala – Gulu highway.

In the years 1863 and 1864, this site was indeed explored extensively by Samuel and Florence Barker. And consequently, Barker named the falls Murchison after Roderick Murchison. He was a president of the Royal geography society, at the time. However, these waterfalls were originally called Kabarega falls after the greatest Omukama of Bunyoro.

The Murchison Falls is without a doubt the world’s most powerful falls. Additionally, also, they are served by the world’s longest river; the great Nile.

Mubeeya Falls


A traditional tale is chiefly told of a one Nakkuggu, the rivers’ mother. She bore two rivers; Mubeeya the girl and Ssezibwa the Boy. River Mubeeya is found in Banga village, Nyenga in Buikwe district. Therefore Mubeeya falls unquestionably formed from the erosional endeavors of river Mubeeya.

Kisizi Falls


Kisizi falls are located in the Rukunjiri district, Kigezi highlands in south western Uganda. Besides splendor and serenity, the Kisizi falls have a bad history to remember. And the most compelling evidence was the ditching of young girls who conceived out of wedlock here.

Itanda Falls


Itanda falls are surely found in Jinja district. Besides, they are just a 45 minutes’ drive from Jinja city center. Fortunately, still, they are located on the world’s longest river. And have become a tourist favorite since the departure of the Bujagali falls. Notably, also, Prince William of Great Britain chanced his raft against the hard-hitting falls. It is the best sight for white water rafting in Jinja.

Ssezibwa Falls


These are without a doubt the magical birth falls. Moreover, they are related to Mubeeya falls with whom they share this form of birth. Ssezibwa falls are located in Kayanja village, Mukono district. Overall, they have a beautiful history. And create fresh memories for visitors. Lastly, they unveil such rare ambiance, visit and see also.

Uganda’s Enigmatic waterfalls

Sipi Falls


Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda. Furthermore, they emanate in the district of Kapchorwa, northeast of Sironko and Mbale. The waterfalls undoubtedly lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border. Importantly, the Sipi Falls marks the starting point for hiking Mt. Elgon.

Mungiro Falls


The bewitching Mungiro falls specifically crop out of the stunning Semuliki National park. They stand majestically next to the Sempaya hot springs. A story is once told of the Batooro women married to Basaiga clan. They had gone to Mungiro falls to fetch water. And surprisingly met a stranger dressed in barkcloth with a dog and spear. Visit Mungiro falls to listen to the rest of the story.

Nkusi Falls


Lake Albert unquestionably holds significant control of the Albertine ecosystem. And the most spectacular under its realm is the incredible Nkusi Falls. They are undeniably unacknowledged but remarkable. The Nkusi falls blaze in beauty but hidden! You only access them by boat from Ntoroko.

Karuma Falls


Karuma falls is generally one of the most enchanting attractions in Uganda. Karuma falls derives its name from the local Luo language. It means ‘Great Spirit’ in English. The local people indeed believe that this spirit positioned the rocks where the water hits the falls. Karuma falls sit along the verdant Kampala -Gulu highway. Further, at the point where the road crosses the Nile.

Miradua Falls


The mighty Miradua falls emanate from River Oluffe that lies 20km away from Arua-Koboko road. And the journey is just 20-minutes away from Arua Town. Miriadua falls, is the surely another Ugandan hidden treasure in Maracha District, West Nile.  These falls were formerly called Kuru-chai, a name given by the Chief Adua of Maracha in 1956.

Wanale Falls


Wanale Falls appear a spectacular waterfall.  Water explicitly cascades over 6864 feet, 2092 meters. And down the sheer cliff rock wall, it clashes with the valley.  They stand a few kilometers from the epic Sipi falls.  All in all, they sit about 6 km from Mable town.

Sisiyi Falls


Sisiyi Falls appears a magnificent spectacle standing out at a distance. Of course, you take the highway from Mbale to the districts of; Sironko, Bulambuli, Kapchorwa, and Moroto.  Sisiyi Falls is surely one of the rarely visited and least documented attractions in Uganda.   

Mpanga Falls


The Mpanga River indeed rushes a few kilometers north-east of Lake George. It is, without a doubt, a stunning location. The approach undeniably provides marvelous views across Lake George. And also the soggy plains of northern QENP towards the Rwenzori.

Whereas in the valley itself, the river rushes through a rocky chasm. Thus containing a superb-looking spray forest and the 50m Mpanga Fall.

Mahoma Falls


The Mahoma Falls is a setup of the astoundingly beautiful & scenic area of Ruteete. Mahoma Falls are also characterized by cool temperatures. Further, they are positioned in between Ndali lodge & Lake Mwamba.

These falls are located along Fort portal – Kamwenge road. Also, they formed when river Mahoma flowed over boulders into a forested valley.

Uganda’s Enigmatic Waterfalls

Conclusively, Uganda is particularly blessed with a rich natural endowment. Therefore, these presented are but some of the waterfalls we have. Additionally, the country has several others preserved in divergent factions. Thus more documentation is currently undergoing to draw out the hidden to public notice.

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