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  • Wamala tombs


Where do we find the Wamala Tombs?

Wamala tombs certainly seat atop a hill about 2.5 kilometers shortly after the right turn, off Hoima Road. The drive is thirty-minutes from Kampala along the Kampala-Hoima Road. Charming surroundings wave you welcome upon arrival. It’s unquestionably here-where Ssekabaka Suuna II’s remains are laid. A fabulous but almost forgotten place; Wamala Tombs is so unique.

Mark you, he owned 148 wives and a tremendous 218 children. Of course, Sekabaka Suuna II is buried in his own palace. However, he remains the last kabaka whose jaw bone was removed after death. This implies the ritual is invalid to date. As a matter of fact, he is the first Kabaka to welcome outside traders into Buganda. Sekabaka Suuna was born at Bujuuko Hill in the year; 1820.

Who was Ssekaabaka Suuna!?

He was also a son to Kamaanya Kadduwamala, Kabaka of Buganda, who ruled in the middle of 1814 and 1832. In addition, his beautiful mother; Nakkazi Kannyange, was the 23rd out of his father’s 38 wives. Moreover, he only had twelve 12 years when he ascended to the throne. Of course, he was also a handsome boy, owing such looks to his mother. She allegedly is the most beautiful woman to have lived in Buganda then.

He started as a famous monarch, much loved by his subjects. However, as he developed more confidence, he got cocky and ruthless. Therefore, he acquired a series of names that signified invincibility and supernatural powers. Furthermore, he ordered the killing of 58 of his 60 brothers.  Some lucky 2 namely; Omulangira Wasajja and Omulangira Mugogo escaped this carnage.

By the time of his death, Kabaka Ssuuna II notably had become one of the most ruthless kings of Buganda. Sadly, he succumbed to smallpox and perished in October 1856, at Wamala.

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