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White water rafting; the Nile

//White water rafting; the Nile
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Tangling with the seductive Nile in a ‘water raft’ 

The awesome experience of Nile White water rafting 

White water rafting – where odds seem against, luck smiles beyond; so, the adventures of the serpentine Nile are never endless. The great Nile is a sassy belle from the past whose shimmering waters stream with moonlight even at the break of day. Upon these sparkling waters, the bride of Greece (Nile whitewater rafting) whispers a bewitching call that hypnotizes multitudes to visit & partake.

This quintessential matrimony transpires in Jinja town – the alluring capital of adventure and fun, here in Uganda.  Jinja is the ancient village that saw the Nile’s birth, up bring and employment; she’s the eternal messenger between two distant & forbidden lovers; Mrs. Victoria and Mr. Mediterranean. She runs northward daily upon the levels of her falls and rapids to sail love letters of their relentless love affair.

Whitewater rafting – have you had a taste of difference in real sense!? What would it feel like to pounce and bounce upon pools of bejeweled waters of the world’s longest river!? Surreal isn’t!? Now, that’s the taste of what you don’t know yet but need to feel, like immediately!

Whitewater rafting is one of the most preferred ‘wild waters adventure’ activities that once partaken, leaves the doer panting with never – leaving ecstasy. This magnetized honeymoon is an experience and half, the best reward of your holiday time in Uganda. It gives you a good run for your money, you need it. This rafting activity involves intimate touches between the bride and groom, say; your raft against the sliding-bumpy soft waters of the gushy Nile.

Does White water rafting have levels!?

Whitewater rafting is a two-course adventure engagement activity that both young and old, strong and weak can do. It rewards both coward and hero. The bride of Greece – part 1; grade 3 full day raft & riverboard, this is a more / less soft engagement for the brittle family travelers.

This full-day water trip is good for families with young children age 6-8 years. It’s good because it tests your children’s ability to solve challenges together, also derives cooperation and family cohesion/bond. It may make your blood run cold but fear not, you’re not the first or last to go Nile rafting, so do it, please! You spend a solid 4-5hours fighting in short bursts with the water for a short distance of 25kms. Awesome, isn’t it!?

The bride of Greece – part 2; grade 5 full day raft and riverboard, this is the real deal, the game of the brave hearts, lion kings and hard steel. The most preferred water trip of the dreaded White Nile rafting experience though, will you miss this!?

Partakers are aged between 16 -30+ years, these lion hearts dive the raging waters triumphing over them 4-5hours  for a fun-filled short journey of 20kms, what a party!? Brother or sister, mother & father; you outta be here!

Short details to note:

Duration: 4-5hours, 20kms for grade 5 and 25km for grade 3.

Dress:    Lots of suntan lotion & a cap, light clothing, shorts & t-shirt are recommended.

Fitness:  clients should be water confident and reasonably fit.

Pack:      Any medication you require.  Towel & a change of clothes for the end of the day.  Money for any optional extras.

You crave honey, beauty, good reward & difference, come fetch it!

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